about us

Miss Joy is a supplier of food products for both commercial and retail customers alike. We currently have partnerships with Caribbean Broilers, Best Dressed Chicken, Grace Kennedy Foods, Rainforest and Nation Choice. As a result, we can offer competitive pricing as well as store commercial quantities all while delivering products to your doorstep.

What is the key offering and who is the person(s) behind the business?

Miss Joy has been designed to address the world's rapid shift from brick and mortar to e-commerce in a simplistic way. A Jamaican owned e-commerce site built to allow consumers to procure food and technology without human intervention. However, our uniqueness will stem from our exclusive Caribbean food retailer platform; a marketplace for Jamaican businesses to expand their reach and grow their business by adapting to the online industry trend.
Our team comes with both intelligence and strength to sustain and confidently contribute to the evolution of the digital market. We believe the key differentiators that we possess include over 40 years of combined expertise in the food and technology industry along with an understanding of the demographic forced to make the adjustment with little to no exposure. Our user interface will be built with the customer experience at the forefront and simplicity top of mind. We currently operate as a small but nimble team which includes our Directors, an Accountant, Logistics Reps, Sales team and Delivery Couriers with the intent to expand as needed. .

Company History

The decision to start this business came about as many Jamaican business retailers within the community have taken a significant hit due to the pandemic changing the way businesses run. The need for e-commerce presence is a necessity to remain relevant in the coming years and beyond. We saw this as an opportunity to build a platform to support these retailers with their transformation to the digital market.

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow and sustain our merchant partner reach by 100 to 1000 users, expanding our multi-cultural footprint across the Caribbean in the process. Logistically, we should have established supply locations regionally to support the increase in customer base.

Our Daily Mission

Our mission is to bridge the gap of the digital divide for small business retailers, providing an opportunity to remain relevant and competitive in the world's growing ecommerce market.